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Major life changes such as divorce, parenting, and the need for a pre- or post-nuptial agreement require a trusted attorney to provide advice, counsel, and problem solving at the highest levels. The Haskin Law team has more than 45 years of experience and a thorough understanding of the challenges that can arise. And, we understand your need to protect and preserve your assets while reaching an agreement. We will listen to you, and together with you, chart the right course of action to accomplish your goals.

Haskin Law has years of experience, born of years of dedication to mediation, settlements, litigation, and appeals. Our attorneys are active members in family law professional associations in DuPage County. When our family law clients are also business owners and professionals, we collaborate with our own Haskin Law business attorneys to find the best approach to business valuation and ownership issues. We never lose sight of your need to create solutions for your family, your business and yourself. Haskin Law is able to work with you to build solutions to whatever challenges arise from a divorce, a new or revised estate plan and business succession planning.

Family Law Services

Lyle and Barbara were recommended to me by a friend... Haskin Law actually represented her ex-husband through a divorce! Lyle handled my divorce, Barbara a restraining order, real estate transactions, as well as updating my will. Not only is their team top notch and professional, you will benefit from their wealth of experience about probable outcomes and receive guidance to protect yourself. I believe this firm to be the best I could have retained and have recommended them to others. Although of course, ours is a business relationship, I believe their team cares about me and my family and will fight for me resulting in the best possible outcome. This is an experienced and trustworthy firm you want by your side.